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FKuR plastics - made by nature! Not necessarily, I would say. And if such plastics are made from CO2 that comes, via combustion or other chemical processes, from fossil based raw materials, we should at least avoid calling call them biobased. Nevertheless, I believe that the use of such CO2 to make plastics or other useful products and so prevent, or at least delay, the CO2 from entering the atmosphere, is a good approach in the sense of our overall objectives.

In several articles we report about biobased polyurethanes and elastomers and we present some articles about fibres and textile applications. In this issue we also present the five finalists for the 7th Bioplastics Award.

The of entries was not as large as in years, however I doubt that the innovative power of this industry is flagging. So we kindly ask all of you to keep your eyes open and report interesting innovations that have a ificant market relevance whenever you see them. The 8th Bioplastics Award is definitely coming. A part of this print run is mailed to the readers wrapped in biodegradable envelopes sponsored and produced by Flexico Verpackungen Deutschland and Maropack.

Editorial contributions are always welcome. Please contact the editorial office via mt bioplasticsmagazine. However, in articles based on information from the USA, American spelling may also be used.

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The fact that product names may not be identified in our editorial as trade marks is not an indication that such names are not registered trade marks. ISSN bioplastics magazine is published 6 times a year. This publication is sent to qualified subscribers Euro for 6 issues.

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Metabolix, Inc. Presently, acrylic acid is produced by the oxidation of propylene derived from the refining of crude oil. The companies plan to enter into a definitive contract manufacturing agreement for Mirel biopolymers based upon the validation production runs as well as completion of economic and engineering feasibility studies. Metabolix will own the Mirel biopolymer resin produced during the validation production runs.

Eno, president and chief executive officer of Metabolix. We are impressed with the track record, technical expertise and facilities at Antibioticos, and believe their equipment is well-suited to the manufacturing process used to produce Mirel biopolymers at commercial scale. Novozymes and Cargill have collaborated on renewable acrylic acid technology since Both companies have worked to develop microorganisms that adult chat lines in gunnarstorp efficiently convert renewable feedstock into 3-hydroxypropionic acid 3-HPwhich is one possible chemical precursor to acrylic acid.

BASF has now ed the collaboration to develop the process for conversion of 3-HP into acrylic acid. The company plans initially to use the bio-based acrylic acid to manufacture superabsorbent polymers.

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The three companies bring complementary knowledge to the project. Novozymes, the world-leader in industrial enzymes, has years of experience with developing technologies for bio-based production of chemicals used in plastics, ingredients, etc.

Cargill brings its global expertise in sourcing renewable feedstocks and largescale fermentation to this collaborative project. Mirel biopolymers are based on polyhydroxyalkanoates PHAbiobased, uniquely biodegradable, and suitable for a wide range of product applications. Metabolix has ly demonstrated production of Mirel biopolymer resin at industrial scale. Metabolix is currently supplying Mirel biopolymer resin to customers from existing inventory of approximately 2, tonnes 5 million pounds.

MT www. Acrylic acid is a high-volume chemical that feeds into a broad range of products.

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One of the main applications is in the manufacture of superabsorbent polymers that can soak up large amounts of liquid and are used mainly in baby diapers and other hygiene products. Acrylic acid is also used in adhesive raw materials and coatings. The annual global market volume of acrylic acid is around 4.

The market has been growing at a rate of 4 percent per year.

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During the weekend, the Polster Catering company Lichtenstein, Germany only used cardboard trays and paper plates that were compostable. Cups will follow suit next season. The tableware with this special plastic coating does not soak through and does not have to be incinerated — as is usually the case — after being used.

Instead, it can be processed along with the organic waste in order to yield valuable compost. This high-quality soil is subsequently used again at the Lausitzring in order to upgrade the soil that has been stressed by the open-cast mining in that area.

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This project is supporting and testing environmentally friendly technologies. The operators of the composting plant have set aside a dedicated area for composting the organic waste from the Lausitzring, where the degradation behavior can be precisely monitored and controlled. Consequently, this pilot project serves not only to underscore an active commitment to saving resources in the realm of motorsports but also to study the degradation behavior of large quantities of trays and plates that have been coated with Ecovio FS Paper. Numerous pilot projects have already enabled BASF to demonstrate that organic waste bags made of Ecovio FS degrade within a short period of time in industrial composting plants.

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Ecovio is a plastic that meets the strict statutory stipulations of European standard EN for the biodegradability and compostability of packaging. The pilot experiment at the Lausitzring is the first of its kind to test how disposable tableware with an Ecovio FS Paper coating can be composted in large quantities. Bioplastics from Starbucks waste Starbucks Corporation, coffee giant headquartedered in Seattle, Washington, USA is trying to improve ways to handle their waste streams.

One important step is the cooperation with biorefinery scientists to transform food waste from their stores into succinic acid, a key ingredient for making plastics and other useful products. This food waste could adult chat lines in gunnarstorp example be the huge amount of stale bakery goods worldwide not only from Starbucks that might otherwise be wasted.

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A research team led by Carol S. Lin, Ph. The idea took shape during a meeting last summer between representatives of the nonprofit organization called The Climate Group and Lin at her laboratory at the City University of Hong Kong.

The Climate Group asked her about applying her special transformative technology to the wastes of one of its members — Starbucks Hong Kong.

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Using waste food as the raw material in a biorefinery certainly would be an attractive alternative. Lin described the food biorefinery process, which involves blending the baked goods with a mixture of fungi that excrete enzymes to break down carbohydrates in the food into simple sugars. The blend then goes into a fermenter, a vat where bacteria convert the sugars into succinic acid that can be used as one ingredient for the production of a of bioplastics.

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Lin said that the process could become commercially viable on a much larger scale with additional funding from investors. What this means in terms of landfill diversion, for example, is ideally that Ingeo foodservice ware would be composted …and that other products made of Ingeo resins and fibers would be mechanically or chemically recycled and not landfilled.

However, these systems are still emerging and developing. The reality today is that a percentage of Ingeo products end up in landfills. And now we can say with certainty that the environmental impact of that landfilling, in terms of greenhouse gas release, is not ificant.

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As a result, researchers Jeffery J. Kolstad, Erwin T. The first series did not show any statistically ificant generation of biogas, so the team decided to push the stress tests to a higher and more aggressive level and instituted a series of high solids anaerobic digestion tests.

Both series of tests. The total amount invested has not been disclosed.

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This partnership sees Limagrain providing the fruits of its research conducted over more than 10 years in biolice granules, which were first created in France, as well as its technical know-how and marketing methods. Environmental Communications Workshop False or misleading communication of environmental product properties is a widespread problem in the marketplace. In early September, the first biobased vehicle tailgate was presented to representatives of the press on the German racetrack - the Hockenheim-Ring.

The project is co-funded by FNR the agency for renewable resources, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection BMELV The tailgate, which was already made from natural fibre reinforced petroleum-based resins, is now being produced from linen flax fibres and an epoxy resin made adult chat lines in gunnarstorp renewable resources. For example the flax fibres are woven in a special twill-weave that allows the textile to be draped into the desired 3D-shapes.

Currently still hand-laminated, as there are only a few parts needed for the racing car, IfBB is certainly also evaluating series production methods such as RTM and injection moulding of thermoplastic natural fiber reinforced biocomposites for the mass production of such parts. Motorsports have always been a playground and cutting-edge for innovative developments that finally found their way into automotive series production.

The testing conditions for automotive components are definitely much tougher than normal traffic conditions. In line with its initiative for good environmental communication see p. Who should attend and what to expect Generally the workshop is open to everybody interested in the topic of adult chat lines in gunnarstorp communication for bioplastics.

However, the primary target group of this workshop are communications and marketing experts, brand managers and product deers of or interested in the bioplastics industry. The half-day workshop, 9.

In the second phase of the workshop, the participants will focus in smaller groups on ased environmental communication cases. The workshop will end with the presentation and discussion of the developed solutions. Thus the biobased tailgate is just one of a multitude of automotive plastic applications that can be converted into biobased versions.