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Do you talk to yourself? We mean out loud, not just under your breath or in your head — pretty much everyone does that.

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All website sales support our free mission-based speech therapy clinic for underserved toddlers and preschoolers in the rolling hills of central Kentucky where the Bluegrass meets the Appalachians. Now you can get your ASHA continuing education credits and certificates online.

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Just choose and enroll in your course, watch the video or listen to the podcast, and then you will take an online assessment and receive your certificate by. When you take the assessment, you will have the opportunity to request that we will file it for you. Choose Course 2.

Watch Course Video 3. Take Assessment 5. When you take the assessment, you will have the opportunity to your participant form, and we will file for you. The Autism Podcast Laura Mize has been more effective in teaching autistic tendencies, than many professors, shadowing professions, and the s of books, articles and classes or videos, or live workshop speakers, have been at teaching effective practices for with ASD. Some of the many lessons she has taught, which I will now use, to be a more effective Interventionist, include but are not limited chat with me during the day red flags, typical behaviors, self-stimulating behaviors, not taking away toys, rather showing child to play with toy appropriately.

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She gives examples of child's actions, "inappropriate," explains the reason for: why the child is engaging in these behaviors and how they can be replaced with more appropriate, effective fuctional and age-appropriate skills. This video finally listed and explained some of the red flags my son was showing for autism.

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I share the link anytime a parent is questioning in my FB autism group. I know exactly how she feels because It changed families too.

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Thank you to everyone at Teach Me To Talk. As I evaluate young children for developmental delays and write plans for them with their parents, there are a ton of ideas that are ready to use. Others that reinforce what I have been doing, and saying, all along. Thank you so, so much for writing this incredible book and pulling everything together in one place! Laura for helping out people like us all over the world.


And I can't believe he said it! I will act like a total lunatic if it will get him to talk to me!

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Now I can give him "the look" from across the room, and he will say it. We still have so much work to do with our sweet boy, but I know in my heart he would not have chat with me during the day without the education you provided.

Thank you so much, endlessly. I became a special instructor in EI almost a year ago and I started with hardly any applicable training. I felt so lost and confused as how to help the kids I work with learn how to use words and play. Honestly, I didn't even understand the importance of play, although I always played with my. But, once I started to watch your podcasts and get some of your manuals I felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and that I could finally teach these kids and their families something of value from a real therapist and based on research!.

Thank you so much for seeing the need to help other EI service providers and providing a forum to chat with me during the day your knowledge and years of valuable experience. I'm sure you get a lot of these s every week if not every day, but I wanted to make I could add to those notes of gratitude!! Huge thank you. I would take him and drop him off and not hear much of anything from his therapist and teachers other than, "He had a good or a bad!

I learned how to teach him to talk and play. I learned how to pay attention to his cues and work with him to teach him to communicate. I just wanted to say from an SLT perspective how incredibly useful I am finding absolutely all of your articles, blogs and resources - I only discovered your site last month and have just received all your books which I feel I am learning more than on my entire university training course!!

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But also the way in which you give specific, realistic, fun, encouraging ideas for working with parents is really just fantastic, I only wish I have your site sooner! Thanks so much from the UK! Kind regards. I made the transition from school SLP to private therapist about a year ago. While the change was welcome, it was a lot, and I was just getting my footing in the clinic when I began teletherapy full time. Your website has been a huge lifeline in helping me work with late talkers and coach their parents in an accessible but effective way, even remotely.

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I look forward to getting your s each week. A sincere thank you for all you do! I am truly grateful for the way you put into words and writing how to do what we do as SLPs.

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At this time in my 13 years of practicing, I find your encouragement keeps me going. As a single mom, I find it a stretch to buy materials these days and I am so thankful for the freebies you so generously share that help me teach my families.

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Much gratitude!! As a parent, I know you're concerned that your child is not receiving therapy.

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As a therapist, I know you're concerned that "your children" are not receiving therapy. While we can't do anything about that, Johnny and I want to provide tools to help you as you work with your own child at home or continue to support families, whether that be through telehealth visits or sharing information viatexts, and your own s and websites.

I can help! There are 2 great ways to use these speech therapy videos. For adults In other words, you'll learn what to say and how to play!

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Therapy Manuals. Me Up! Treating autism is hard. Let me help you.

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Choose Course. Watch Course Video. Take Assessment. Speech Therapy Courses. Quick View. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Speech Language Development Articles. Autism Basics… Part 2 Children with autism demonstrate repetitive behaviors and restricted interests referred to as RRBs. This is part 2 of the diagnostic criteria for autism. For another look at part 1, see I Need A Plan! As speech-language pathologists and parents, when a toddler is not talking yet, we rush in to try to help them learn to say new words and pronounce them clearly. Resistance to AAC Are you using visual supports or even other kinds of supplemental expressive language systems like s or PECS with toddlers and preschoolers who aren't yet talking?

Sometimes parents are downright Watch the video.

9 s you're in a 'situationship'—and how to get tf out of it

Parents… these are the things speech-language pathologists and other professionals It takes some prep time, but it's been worth it for me - especially for small groups of toddlers or even for Up at Night Worrying? Are you working with — maybe your own - who keeps you up at night? Tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling, feeling like a failure because you