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It is an excellent question, especially at the start of the conference and job season.

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How am I going to explain to you all of the ways that you sabotage and undermine yourselves, with the best of intentions, and with complete lack of self-awareness? But alas, I have only the means of this blog. So I will do what I can.

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I will list the ways that grad students act like grad students. I will name the behavior, describe it, and then explain how and why that behavior sabotages you in a job market situation. Stop talking about your dissertation!!!!! Nobody wants to hear about your dissertation!!!!! We do not care about your dissertation!!!!!

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What they want to know is how that dissertation accomplishes specific goals that serve the hiring department: ie, produces refereed publications, intervenes in a major scholarly debate, wins grants and awards, translates into dynamic teaching, transforms quickly into a book, inspires a viable second project. In interview situations, learn to talk about your dissertation in short, punchy bursts, no more than a sentence or two long.

Tell us more about that. Please recall that interviews are dialogues. They are not monologues.

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Think of a tennis match. They lob the ball, you lob the ball back. Rinse and repeat. With very rare exceptions, faculty barely even think about the graduate students in their departments.

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The people in the department want you to finish. So just do that, ok? Job market: paranoia is extremely unattractive and a major red flag alling an immature candidate not ready for prime time. Regardless of how you were treated in your department, you say nothing but collegial things about it on the market. Because how you talk about your Ph. And your future department wants a colleague who has a positive attitude.

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It very likely has not. Very likely few people are even thinking about you. As irritating as most professors are, they generally do respect sound argumentation backed up with intensive evidence. They will make you look like a drama queen.

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And one thing no search committee wants? A drama queen. Graduate students are insecure. This is understandable, because their status is insecure. Everyone suffers this to some degree while writing the dissertation. Search committees will reject anyone who appears immature and insecure. Search committees are looking for someone who already speaks and writes like an employed colleague. What that means is someone who is confident that their topic is sound, who gives a reasonable amount of evidence for the topic, but then quickly moves on to why the topic is important and path-breaking, and how the topic intervenes in major, top-tier debates in the scholarly field.

This is the one that if I had superpowers, I would reach through your computer screen, grab you by your collar, and shake out of you. Right now. Focus exclusively on what it does achieve. Embrace the positive. Banish the negative. Graduate students tend to display the classic s of submission—tilted head ref: your puppybowed shoulders, tightly crossed legs, weak submissive chat adult match grad student vague hand gestures, a querulous, questioning tone.

They have a wimpy, cold fish handshake. They avoid direct eye contact. They mumble and mutter and talk too fast, and above all, they ramble in an unfocused and evasive way. They will often either smile and laugh too much, or conversely be grimly humorless a sense of humor being one of the first casualties of the graduate school experience.

They also display their lack of capital through old, worn clothes and ungroomed hair. Job market: Search committees are hiring a colleague, not a graduate student.

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You must appear at your interviews as if you are a person who is already successfully employed as submissive chat adult match grad student assistant professor. Your clothes must be new and must fit you at your current weight, and be hemmed sleeves, pants, skirt to the appropriate length. Your clothes must be more formal than is customary in your department, because interviews require formal clothes. Your hair must be cut and styled.

You must wear decent shoes that are appropriate for professional settings. More to the point, you must square your shoulders, straighten your back, lift your chin, and loosen your elbows. Make direct eye contact. Do not, under any circumstances, fuss with your hair, clothes, or jewelry. Speak in a firm, level tone. Women, work on any tendency to a high pitched nasal tone. Speak in a lower register if you can—lower tones are the tones of authority, for better or worse. Your work is important and deserves a serious delivery.

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If a joke arises naturally in the conversation, though—run with it. Have short and pithy responses rehearsed so that they trip off your tongue easily and fluently. And lastly, the handshake. Oh my god, the handshake. If you do nothing else from this post, please, I beg you, do this. Get up from your computer, go find a human, and shake their hand. Shake it firmly. Really squeeze! Outstretch your arm, grip their hand with all your fingers and thumb, look them firmly in the eye, smile in a friendly, open way, and give that hand a nice, firm shake.

So in terms of appearance, what about makeup? Good question. If wearing makeup is going to make you feel weird and anxious, then no. You have to get used to how the mascara rubs off or runs if you sneeze, when and how lipstick sticks to your teeth, and whether you have allergies to anything….

Also, btw, do read my post on What Not Submissive chat adult match grad student Wear if you want more on the appearance aspect of the job. My conference trick — go to a Sephora or department store makeup counter nearby and get your makeup done.

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The best advice I got was to be myself and be comfortable in how I was dressed. I wore and pantsuit. Comfy loafers. If I would, I would have felt ridiculous.

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A little light makeup can be like an interview suit — just for the interview to make you look your best. A department store counter might not be the best place to get that type of professional touch, but good salons will have makeup artists who can put it on lightly enough that it really accentuates your features without feeling fake or fussy. To save money and time, you can get a private lesson at most salons in how to do the basics for yourself. I used to be no-makeup, but have really come to appreciate how a little light powder can make me look more polished, a little eyebrow pencil can make me look more confident, and a touch of gentle blush can make me look full of vitality.

Great post Karen. I would also add the importance of talking to professors when at social functions rather than hanging around in timid clumps with your peers. What a brilliant entry. submissive chat adult match grad student

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Just thought the entry title was humorous. How hilarious.

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I hope it was well received. You would have to have a good rapport and be trusted to deliver that kind of honesty.

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Thanks for the chuckle. Years ago Harry Wong gave similar advice about attire to new teachers, many have still not heeded his advice. Have a great day! One grad student in my program became, hmm, a different person half a year before he went on the market: ditched the long hair for a very short haircut, started wearing more put-together outfits and was often seen carrying a yellow notebook and a nice pen firmly attached to it.

He could also be seen talking with the profs with a new authoritative—border-line aloof—attitude, making large, confident hand gestures. And this was the very same reticent and fidgety guy from my first-year seminar! Btw, the guy went on to get an TT job as an ABD, which is nothing short of a miracle in this job market.

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I thought of 5 when I ran into my advisor and his family on Friday afternoon. My God.