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The idea of online chatting, or instant messaging, has changed a lot over the years. Not long ago, you could only use online chat rooms on your computer. Now, with smartphones and 4G, you can chat online with anyone in the world no matter where you are!

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So, you want to learn a new language …. Believe it or not, there are others out there who want to learn a language just as badly as you… and some of them want to learn your native tongue.

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Learning a language is difficult, there are numerous approaches to take and many methods claiming to help you reach fluency faster than the rest. Language exchange is believed to be one of the most effective means of language practice so naturally there exists a huge market for tools and apps to help you find partners and engage in conversation exchange. Some of them are really useful and talk to foreigners online you find a partner and start practising quickly, others are a waste of time.

SCORE: 4. This could be easiest and fun way to learn a new language! Bilingua connects you with other users who are fluent in a language you are learning. Shiro can also help you learn the correct way by suggesting translations and corrections. Want to do something fun with the app? You can even play games with your partners or challenge Shiro to improve your language skills. Pros : Built-in intelligent language guide, smart tools for learning such as vocabulary list, news feed, and progression stats. Fun features such as games, quizzes, and emoticons.

14 best websites to practice speaking english online(some for free)

Cons : Small but growing community of language exchange partners. Bilingua is fairly new, launched in SCORE: 3. Interested in learning Chinese, Korean, or Japanese the fun way? HelloTalk might just be the app that helps you learn non-Latin languages easily. The app will translate character-based languages to readable roman-based languages to help with pronunciation.

HelloTalk connects native speakers with language learners based on nearby location or a specific destination worldwide. The de is quite simple and has a similar look with WhatsApp messenger.

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Voice-to-text and vice versa functionality enabled language partners to communicate clearly and ensured they learn the language correctly. Pros : Lots of language learning specific features especially the premium version.

Speak with tandem

The world is suddenly a much smaller place with Hello Pal. The voice-based app connects you with a language partner anywhere in the world within minutes. To help you initiate conversations, Hello Pal integrated phrasebooks that you can choose, listen, and repeat before sending it to your language partner.

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Because of its extensive features, the de and UI of the app can come across overwhelming at first. Pros : Clever translation tools, built-in phrases to help learn the language, privacy features talk to foreigners online user blocking and do-not-disturb hours. Cons : Confusing UI on the app that can overwhelm user at first, limited language phrasebooks.

Paid classes with tutors. Learn to speak a foreign language like a local. You can do that with Tandem and just over a few clicks on your phone. With Tandem, you can help others who want to learn your language in the same way you can learn to speak and practice a new language with native speakers. The video and voice call functionality makes the learning process more fun and intentional.

The de is simplistic but elegant with straightforward tools and features.

Chatting online to practice foreign languages

Pros : Access to professional tutors, complete in-app features, robust community forums. Cons : Can feel a little Tinder-ish by scrolling through a list of age-badged photo profiles.

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Hailing from Spain, Idyoma connects people who want to learn a new language in the same geographic area or in the desired travel destination. You can use the app to contact other users, discuss a place, time, and duration with your language partner. Idyoma has a clean de and very easy to use on its app.

In addition, you can also find in-app guides that can help you to have the most successful language exchanges.

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Meet in real life and learn how to speak like a native! Pros : Connect with nearby language partners or from afar, verified users badge for more ability.

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Cons : Limited in-app features for chats and set meet-ups only. Italki serves as a marketplace that connects native language teachers with language learners around the world. Get 1-on-1 personalized and flexible online lessons over 50 languages. The website offers better functionality while the app version is created mainly so that teachers and students can manage their lessons better. Pros : Trained professional teachers, flexible learning method learn anytime anywhereand active community discussions. Cons : limited mobile apps functionality up not yet available on iOS and Android version only in English.

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Speaky is the social way to learn a new language. Similar to other language exchange apps, with Speaky you can easily connect with a language partner who shares your interests and passions anywhere in the world.

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You can chat or make calls audio and video directly from the browser while mobile apps support text and audio messages. The de on Speaky is easy in the eye and helpful, especially when searching for users on the list. One unique feature from Speaky is the ability to find native speakers or non-native speakers in learning a new language. Cons : No voice or video calls feature on the mobile apps browser onlyno guided resources available.

Chatting, texting, correcting: the 4 best language exchange apps

Free up for tutors. SCORE: 2. The nice thing about Nicetalk Tutor is the hassle-free process to become an online English teacher. Pros : Simply and easy process to be an online English tutor, flexible schedules and pay by the hour. Cons : Only available to those who want to speak English, limited functionality video call only and no extra features to guide the language learners. Conversation Exchange simple but resource-packed website has been helping users to learn a new language since You can simply exchange messages with a pen pal who wants to learn a new language using the chat function.

You can also find a language partner in your area and arrange for a meetup after connecting through the website. Come with a modern de and built-in voice and text and voice chat, HelloLingo talk to foreigners online you find a new language partner or reconnect with past Livemocha and SharedTalk members. However, a bungle of new features such as community review, games, and mobile apps are coming in the near future.

Reddit is a forum and community-based discussion website where members can submit contents and vote. You can talk to foreigners online about anything on Reddit, including learning a new language. You can ask for translation or discuss a certain topic to improve your language learning.

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But seriously though, we have been working hard to make sure we can help our users learn a new language in the most fun and efficient way. Learning a new language is not easy, and consistency is key. Feel free to see it for yourself, download Bilingua and let us know what you think!

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Pros : Connect with nearby language partners or from afar, verified users badge for more ability Cons : Limited in-app features for chats and set meet-ups only. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Bilingua connects you with native speakers who share your interests or personality to help you learn a foreign language online and speak with confidence. Go to the Bilingua Web App ».